Storm Damage Roof Repair

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Storm Damage

Storms can be a major menace to your roof and leave notable damage.

Wind and hail can damage your roof and leave your home and belongings vulnerable to water damage. If you think you need roof repairs or even a new roof, the experts at CheckMark Construction & Roofing will assess your roof for storm damage and assist you in working with your Insurance company and adjuster to get your damage replaced.  CheckMark Construction & Roofing will provide an upfront estimate and repair or replace your roof using a roofing system that will protect your investment. 

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How can storms cause damage to my roof?

There are a variety of different types of storms that you might encounter depending on the season and your environment. However, there are four common ways that storms damage your roof:

  • Rain: Rain is found in nearly every storm and is not much of a problem on it's own. However, if your roof is already damaged (even just a tiny bit) then rain can often find a way underneath your shingles and into your home causing extensive water damage.
  • Wind: Powerful winds can be a major source of roof damage. They can loosen and tear of shingles and other roofing materials which makes your home vulnerable to other forms of storm damage as well. They can even tear off and loosen flashing, gutters, and other elements of your roofing system.
  • Debris: While wind damage can be a problem, the debris they hurl at your roof can sometimes be even more of an issue. This debris can range from small branches to large tree limbs or even whole trees. A large tree limb (or even whole tree) hitting your roof is obviously a major and noticeable problem, but even small branches can cause damage by scratching, cracking, or otherwise damaging roofing materials.
  • Hail: Hail, or at least large hail, is perhaps the most rare of these elements. However, hail of sufficient size rarely fails to cause devastating hail damage as the impact of the hailstone generally causes divots and indentations in the shingles.

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While homeowners are right to worry about hail damage, wind damage, and other forms of storm damage, it is often not a major problem if it is repaired quickly and effectively by a reliable and experienced contractor. Luckily, you have just such a contractor in CheckMark Construction & Roofing. If you have hail damage, wind damage, leaks, or some other storm damage issue then don't panic! Give us a call or contact us online today to learn more and schedule your estimate!

While the hail damage may appear to be small, the impact to your shingles can void a manufacturers warranty if not remedied.  The velocity of the hail hit can cause granular loss, torn matting and fractures in the fiberglass matting; all of which can cause the shingle to fail in its purpose of shedding water off the roof.  

See the examples below: 


Small Hail Hits

Above is an example of a small hail hit, but below you will see a microscopic view of the same hit revealing the granular loss and fiberglass matting fractures - voiding a manufactures warranty!!!

Fractured fiberglass fibers


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